The Optima 2 Plus Micro Motor machine
Only $285.00 Complete (35,000 RPM  handpiece)!
Only $320.00 with the High Speed 45,000 RPM handpiece
The Optima 2 Plus IS the leader in quality high performance micro motor tools.

The Optima 2 Plus comes complete with your choice of  handpiece.  Choose between the 35,000 RPM handpiece, or upgrade to the Optima 2 High Speed 45,000 RPM handpiece for just a little more.

Changing carving bits is a breeze with the new quick change collet mechanism, just twist and your changing bits. The motor has excellent torque at both low and high speeds.

With virutally no vibration and true running collets, you'll be able to do fine detail like the pro's, for hundreds less.

Both the Regular 35,000 and the 45,000 RPM handpieces come standard with a 3/32" and 1/8" collets (1/8" to 3/32" Reducer available).  Optional 1/16" collet, 1/8" to 3/32", and 3/32" to 1/16" collet reducers are also available for both handpieces.  A straight cord is also available for Optima 2 handpieces.

Many people prefer the 1/8" collet and 1/8" to 3/32" collet reducer, along with the coiled cord option.



  1. 100% quality tested at the factory.

  2. Excellent torque at low and high speeds.

  3. Air cooled vented motor.

  4. Includes cradle rest, extra set of motor brushes, and universal collet wrench.

  5. Comes with 2 quick change collets, 3/32" and 1/8".  1/16" collet available.

  6. Automatic overload protection saves handpiece from overload, or abuse.

  7. Bi-directional switch, with center stop position.

  8. 2 full year parts and labor warranty against manufacturer defects on handpiece, limited lifetime warranty on the power supply..

  9. All repairs are done promptly, (and usually at low cost to you).

  10. Available in 35,000 RPM, and High Speed 45,000 RPM handpieces


Click here to download Optima 2 Plus instructions (print in landscape duplex mode)

Optima 2 Plus Micro Motor Tool with 45,000 RPM hand piece
Optima 2 Plus, with the High Speed 45,000 RPM handpiece
Optima 2 Standard 35,000 RPM Handpiece
35,000 RPM Regular Optima 2 Handpiece

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