The Ultima Combination Burner & Grinder
Only $371.00 with 35,000 RPM handpiece
Only $406.00 with 45,000 RPM handpiece.
*Includes HD cord and 1 Pen
Subtract $2.00 for 18 Gauge cordUltima combination pyrography & micro motor tool

For as little as only $371.00, you get PJL’s quality pyrographic burner & micro motor tool all in one box. It’s like getting the quality Optima 1 single burner for only $86.00!  It’s called the Ultima because it’s the ultimate “all in one” carving machine. That's right, your carving buddies WILL envy you!

A fusion of the Optima 1 wood burner & Optima 2 plus micro motor tool power supplies. The Ultima is ideal for the person on the go, or in need of more space on his/her work bench. With the features of both the Optima 1 burner, and the Optima 2 Plus micro motor unit, the Ultima is great for people who take their tools with them when they travel or go to carving classes.

The Ultima power supply, cords, and burning pens carry a lifetime parts and labor warranty against manufacturer defects. Because the motor tool is a moving part, it carries a full year parts and labor warranty against manufacturer defects.

Click here for instructions for the Ultima (print in landscape duplex mode)

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