Super Flex Cords

The photo on the right shows our Super-Flex burner cords, compared to some of our competitor's cord. The cord on the far left is an actual Detail Master pen cord (others also use this type of cord). It is an 18 gauge cord, and is the same type that is used on most 110 volt A/C power cords (18 AWG, SPT-1).

The cord in the middle is our 18 gauge Super-flex cord, which we have custom made. Notice that it is about two third's the diameter of theirs. The cord on the far right is our 16 gauge Super-Flex cord which we also have custom made. Notice that it is about the same diameter of their 18 gauge cord....

How can the wire in our cord be the same size as in theirs, and yet be smaller? Because a burning pen uses very low voltage, but high amperage, and there is no need for a heavy insulation jacket around the wire. Our thin wall insulation wire is not only lighter, it is also more flexible because of type of materials used and the type of wire itself (there are different grades of wire, A/C power cord wire being one of the lowest and cheapest).

To see which of our cord would best suit your needs, check out our "Customer Support & FAQ" link for detailed recommendations.

UPDATE!!! Some months ago, we changed the cord material that we had been using for our 16 gauge Heavy Duty cords.  The new HD cords are EXTREMELY flexible, and they DO NOT kink (Yes, really).  The new HD cords have over ten times the wire stranding than the old ones did, and they have 4 to 5 times the flex life too.   Although a more flexible and durable pen cord may sound like a trivial thing to most people, we're excited at how great it stays out of your way and silently performs.   If your sick of your old pen cord(s) getting in your way when your burning, you need to get what is now the new standard in "state of the art" pyrograhic pen cord technology.

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