The Safe Air Dust Collection Systems
Only $220.00 for the most popular portable dust collector on the market.
Or get the new 1400+ CFM "Super Safe Air" for only $320.00.

The original Safe Air dust collector was yet again another SMC design. This "new & improved" unit is also capable of up to 700+ CFM, and very portable, weighing in at about 14.5 pounds. It has a two inch thick pleated filter that can stop 98.5% of particulate at 3~5 microns, and can be easily cleaned.

The "newest" version of the Safe Air now features a new "filter seal" that keeps your filter snug, but makes installation and removal very easy.

Other improvements that have been made are:

Noise reduction techniques implemented.
Mitered corners for improved appearance.
Foldable carrying handle.
Superior adhesion of Velcro to box and shields.
High quality "void-less" plywood.
New variable geometry hood shields.
A durable semi-gloss lacquer finish.


Now available, The SUPER Safe Air!
(not pictured)

The Safe Air's big brother, the "SUPER Safe Air" is out of the testing labs and ready. For those of you that insist on having "more power", this bad boy is for you! Yea YOU, the guy with the die-grinder and Arbortech attachments!

With a total of six 235 CFM fans, this unit can produce a whopping 1400+ CFM of power, yet it is still portable weighing in at only 25 pounds. At about the size of a standard suitcase, it measures 25.75 inches wide, 16.75 inches high, and only 6.5 inches deep/thick (w/shields folded ready to carry, 14.5" deep w/shields in working position).

The Super Safe Air also has a ledge on its top shield, which is a handy for placing carving books, patterns or other reference material to use whilst carving. The variable geometry shield inlet's largest opened position is 8.5" high by 25.37" long (see ratio "A"), and can be sized down to approximately 8.5" high by 16" long (see ratio "B") to increase air velocity per square inch.

New for the Super Safe Air unit is an optional set of shields that lets you do tall carvings upright (up to 25" tall), instead of having to lay them on their side to carve them. The cost of this option is an extra $20.00 when ordered in addition to the standard set of shields. To use them, just detach the standard side shields and rotate the whole unit ninety degrees counter clockwise. Then attach the new right side shield (same size as the standard set "top" shield, which is now the left side shield). Put the 16"x15" top on in between them, and your all set. The optional top shield can come straight out, or be slanted down for a smaller intake opening when needed. The left shield (was the "standard" top shield) may then have to be adjusted slightly so that it comes into contact with the benchtop (reduces air leaks). The intake opening for the optional shields vary from a 400 sq. inch opening (acts like a 550 CFM draw), to 256 sq. inch opening (acts like 800 CFM draw). With the optional shields, the unit is 17.5 inches deep total. Your benchtop should be at least 18 inches wide, and you should have at "least" six inches in between the back of the unit and any wall or obstructions.

A. (1.4:1 inlet-CFM-PSI*:fan-CFM-PSI* ratio, or 215.68 sq. inches)
(.95:1 inlet-CFM-PSI*:fan-CFM-PSI* ratio, or 136 sq. inches)
* PSI stands for "Per Square Inch", CFM stands for "Cubic Feet per Minute"
These specs are "very important". For example: A 1400 CFM unit with a 2:1 inlet-CFM-PSI:fan-CFM-PSI would act more like 700 CFM when carving in front of it, because the air velocity "per square inch" would be cut in half compared to a 1:1 ratio. (i.e. 2:1=1/2, 1:1=1).
"CFM-PSI" can be replaced with "Area" to simplify the way this is thought of.


Features common to both units

1. 700+ (or 1400+) CFM ,(=speed), with ample static vacuum pressure ,(=torque).
2. Gets 98.5% of particulate at 3 to 5 microns in size and up.
3. Three (or six) "sealed ball bearing" tube-axial induction fans, never needs oiling or maintenance.
4. Plexiglas shields protect you and focus air flow, and can be folded for storage or travel..
5. Full one year parts and labor warranty, and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.
6. Quality construction and craftsmanship from top to bottom.
7. Long lasting, high quality "industrial filter" is easily cleaned.
8. Balanced foldable handle, for easy carrying.
9. Variable fan speed control, for when you don't need all that power.
10. Variable shield inlet can be adjusted to increase airflow velocity to meet your needs.
11. Noise reduction techniques makes units even quieter than before.
12. Mitered corners for improved appearance.
13. High quality "void-less" plywood is stronger and lighter than particle/press board.
14. The durable semi-gloss lacquer finish looks great, and is easy to clean..
15. New filter seal makes cleaning filters a breeze, and keeps any dust from getting around filter.
16. Like all of our products, designed and built right here in the good old U.S.A..


My personal guarantee!

Because I now manufacture both of these units myself, I can attest to the quality construction, craftsmanship, and shear ruggedness of the Safe Air and Super Safe Air units. You will not be dissatisfied! My standard demonstration at shows is to use a 1/5hp flex-shaft Foredom or Dremel with a 1/2" diameter by 2" long Kutzall (very aggressive) sanding drum, stand over a foot away from its front opening, and then let it rip

The picture shown is of an older unit, being demonstrated with the previously mentioned bit and tool. Notice that he is at the edge of the opening, and the tool is "trying" to kick the dust toward him! BTW... A course Kutzall bit does not make "big clouds" of fine dust, but the type, size, and volume of particles it does kick out are the true test of any dust collection unit (don't try this with a lesser dust collector). I guess I'll have to get a die-grinder to demonstrate the new Super Safe Air unit ;-).


* Special Notes *

1. Replacement filters are available for $8.00 ($12.00 for SSA), filters life is usually about a year, depending on usage.
2. NEVER smoke or have open flame (or ignition source of ANY kind) near the front of the Safe Air while it is in operation, as the extreme air flow and dust is conducive to combustion of the filter.
3. The Safe Air is now subject to club discounts of 10%!
4. Because of its popularity, there may "sometimes" be a slight wait for this product. We're on a first come, first serve basis.
5. The Super Safe Air unit is not as "loud" as one might think. Doubling the number of fans did not increase the sound level at anywhere near the same rate.
6. You may order custom sized shields for the "Super Safe Air" (SSA only), if the 8.5" high inlet opening isn't quite high enough for what you need it for (no price increase).
7. PJL Enterprises can not be held liable for any giddiness or permanent smiles caused by either of the Safe Air Dust Collection Systems ;-).

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