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This is the tunnel over the bomb bay in a B-29, a great place for a nap, when not at altitude.

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Joe Louis trained for a fight at Travis AFB, California, and spent time with the recently returned wounded from Korea.

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Debbie Reynolds and Carlton Carpenter performed for returning wounded as part of Operation Starlift.

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General Mac Arthur in front of the Saint Francis Hotel in downtown San Francisco after being relieved of his command by President Truman.

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Dwight  Eisenhower visits San Francisco during his campaign.

airborn.jpg (14051 bytes)
A flight of B-29 aircraft flying in formation over North Korea in early 1953.  Note that the bomb bay doors are in the open position.

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This 1951 portrait was the first one made after I joined  the United States Air Force.

chaplain.jpg (44605 bytes)
A chaplain visiting with a crew member prior to take-off on a mission over North Korea.

noseart1.jpg (20319 bytes)
During the latter stages of the Korean War most of the B-29 missions were flown at night, consequently the lower portion of the fuselage was painted black to help hide from searchlights.

noseart2.jpg (19715 bytes)
Nose art was quite popular during the Korean War and there were many airmen with artistic ability that donated their time and effort to this unique form of art.

loading.jpg (53119 bytes)
Loading bombs in the rear bomb bay of a B-29 at Yokota Air Base, Japan during the winter of 1953.

bombdrop.jpg (10986 bytes)
A B-29 from Yokota Air Base, Japan, dropping bombs over North Korea during the early part of 1953.

oilrefinery.jpg (119132 bytes)
This was an oil refinery at Wonson, Korea after a B-29 strike.

gunner.jpg (60128 bytes)
A B-29 gunner loading his weapons prior to a mission over North Korea.

cardinal.jpg (29158 bytes)
Cardinal Francis Spellman, military vicar, bestows his blessings on a crew prior to a combat mission.

fusing.jpg (37231 bytes)
An airman is shown fusing bombs on board a B-29.

stewart.jpg (91421 bytes)
Jimmy Stewart going over some notes with me during a break in the Minneapolis Aquatennial.

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In 1961 I worked as tech advisor on the Hollywood film "The War Lover."  This is one of the B-17s used during the filming.

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The film starred Robert Wagner (shown here) and Steve McQueen.

t33.jpg (31095 bytes)
Strapping on a T-33 for a flight to Manchester, New Hampshire, to attend a skeet shoot.

airshow.jpg (68269 bytes)
The USAFE Skyblazer aerial demonstration team performing over the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey.

king.jpg (18236 bytes)
The Saudi Arabian King and his body guards were photographed at Dhahran Air Base. Saudi Arabia.

palace.jpg (100050 bytes)
In ancient costumes, the palace guards in Istanbul, Turkey, were present during a band concert by the USAFE band.

snake.jpg (71241 bytes)
A Royal Air Force Squadron had a rattlesnake as its emblem.  We got a stuffed snake to present to them, but I found that putting it in my inbox sure cut down on my workload.

sub.jpg (107779 bytes)
While stationed in London, one of my jobs was to escort newsmen to various military sites.  This is the Proteus sub-tender with the George Washington atomic submarine alongside at Holy Loch, Scotland.

shah.jpg (105145 bytes)
I photographed the Shah of Iran during an air show in Tehran, Iran.

danang2.jpg (26892 bytes)
The mustache that I grew in Vietnam was much thinner that the one I had during Korea.

cowcargo.jpg (79045 bytes)
Live cattle were dropped to the Vietnamese army for field rations, since they did not have refrigeration.

ky.jpg (24444 bytes)
Premier Ky of South Vietnam arriving at DaNang Air Base on a Marine helicopter.

sapper.jpg (80752 bytes)
This C-130 was the result of infiltration of DaNang Air Base by a Viet Cong team with satchel charges.

crash.jpg (51631 bytes)
With the runway foamed, a Marine pilot was able to successfully crash land his F4 at DaNang Air Base.

hope.jpg (22432 bytes)
Bob Hope and Miss Universe on stage during his 1966 Christmas show at DaNang Air Base, Vietnam.

a1e.jpg (114384 bytes)
A Navy A1E flying alongside a HU16, rescue amphibian, over the Gulf of Tonkin.

migkillers.jpg (59733 bytes)
The first F4 crew to down two MIG 21s during one mission over North Vietnam.

vnoffice.jpg (39575 bytes)
Posing outside my office at DaNang Air Base, during a lull in activities.

arvn.jpg (60606 bytes)
This photo of Vietnamese troops boarding a C130 with their rations won the USAF Military Photograph of the Year award for 1966.

wayne.jpg (17399 bytes)
John Wayne, outside my hooch, during one of his many visits to Vietnam.

b57.jpg (19509 bytes)
Here I am returning from a B57 strike in the DMZ during 1965.

nixon.jpg (55633 bytes)
Richard Nixon with General Agan, Commander of Air Defense Command.

pat.jpg (68209 bytes)
Pat Nixon with her daughters and son-in-law during a visit to Colorado Springs. Colorado, in 1969.

ford.jpg (147607 bytes)
Gerald Ford arriving at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, in 1976.

Many people (one), have requested a more up-to-date photograph of my wife and I.  After looking at the above photos they have a pretty good idea of what I used to look like.  Here is a recent photograph of me at age 75.  My computer takes up a lot of the time that I should be devoting to carving, but I am sure many of you have the same problem.  Gundy is shown with her Amaryllis.

tom8.jpg (90307 bytes) GundyFlower.jpg (25965 bytes)

As you may know, time flies, and as of a few days ago we became Octogenarians.  That means 80 years old.  Boy, it sure doesn't seem like it, but it did happen, so I guess I should include a new photo to show you what 80 years can do to a person.