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I entered the United States Air Force on 10 October l950 and retired from Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska, on 1 November l976.  During the 26 year career, I actively participated in both the Korean "Police Action" and Vietnam.  In addition, I served two tours in Japan and one in Germany and England.  Since retiring, I remained in the Omaha area and now reside with my wife in Bellevue, Nebraska, about 3 miles from Offutt Air Force Base.


On this web site you will find the following.  To go to one of these pages, just click on the box at the top of this page.


WOOD CARVINGSI have been involved with wood carving since 1991. I am currently a member of the Mid-America Woodcarvers Association and the National Wood Carvers Association.  On this page you will see some examples of my carvings. 


PHOTO ALBUM: This page displays photographs taken during my career in the Air Force.  Some of the photographs are of famous people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing.


FAVORITE LINKS:  This page lists some of the sites that I have found to be very interesting.


PRIDE & JOYAfter looking at many different Home Pages, I found that it is almost obligatory to include a picture of "My Pride & Joy", consequently this is a photo of mine.


RUFUS: You may ask what is a RUFUS, it is caricature designed by Harold Enlow.  I finally finished a five foot version of it in my back yard.   

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